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Welcome to the Short Stories Galore! Wiki

The wiki for all short stories ranging from action, to comedy, to drama, to romance and horror! This is where you can easily let your written creativity flow!

What is 'Short Stories Galore!' Wiki about?

The 'Short Stories Galore!' Wiki is about, well, short stories! This is where you can write all stories, from short-to-moderate length. The rules [1] are easy-to-follow and lenient and the Guide-lines [2] are a sure thing to follow, so definitely be sure to visit those pages.

Overall, this wiki is extremely small and a newborn. If you wish, help us out by adding a few pages! But most importantly, let the stories that you've been wishing to write down be imprinted in these sacred pages. The rules are lenient, and all genres are accepted, even horror. I could also use some Admins, so ask me on the Sign-Up page [3]!

What should I do here?

What should you do? That's up to you, but this is a very small wiki, so there aren't very many options. I could really use a few admins currently, so go ahead and ask me for 'Special Author' (admin) privileges. There are also plenty to clean up and improve on, so check out the News & Announcements board at your convenience [4]. In case of issues creating pages, there is a 'create article' box right below.

Other than that, add a short story! Currently you are free to make any short story you wish, so get creative! But first, see the 'Helpful Links' at the bottom!

Helpful Links

1. The Rules: [5]

2. 'Special Author' Sign-Up Page: [6]

3. News and Announcements Board: [7]

4. The Guidelines For A Great Story: [8]

5. Requests to Undelete A Story: [9]

Latest activity

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