Good. You are here. That means one of three things. Either you wish to become a 'Special Author'; you just found this clumsily scattering across this wiki; or you are simply curious. What is a 'Special Author' you might ask?

All of the contributors to this wiki I tend to call 'Authors'. After all, the only sensible reason to be on a Short Story sharing site would be to write stories, and one who write stories is an author. How-ever, some authors have more powers & responsibilty than others. These 'Admins', 'Bureaucrats', 'Roll-backs', and 'Chat Moderators' are called 'Special Authors'. We're all familiar with what these 'Special Authors' do. And as you know, certain things would have to be met first, with few exceptions.

Becoming an Admin;

To be written in near futureEdit